Groups are preparing to return AUGUST 2023!

Why Join a Small Group
· A place to connect and encourage others at church with greater depth
· A chance to take in more of God’s word where I can ask questions
· A place to bring unsaved/unchurched family and friends
· Church is better in circles than rows
How Does it Work
· Choose a group for proximity to home, childcare, peer group,  Bi -lingual, or schedule
· Commit to be a part of that group once a month for the next year faithfully
· Attend, enjoy, be blessed and bless others, invite others
Current Groups
All groups will meet the third week of the month at 7PM - unless another week is deemed necessary by group or church calendar.
To  see calendar click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Each group spends some time during the night reviewing that day or previous Sunday's message from Pastor Rob. They also engage in a brief time of prayer for one another.