A Word from Pastor Rob...

Everyone needs to know they are loved and everyone longs for a place to belong. Each of us is on a journey, a journey in search of who we are, a journey to find DIRECTION FOR OUR LIFE, to make meaning out of LIFE.  At Destiny Church we believe that journey should lead you to an understanding of your need to be found in Christ.  Christ is where you will find TRUE DIRECTION for your LIFE.

We also realize that God did not intend for us to do LIFE alone. He created a means for us to share this journey of LIFE together.  That means is the Church.  At Destiny you can connect with others who are also on this journey and who are searching for direction and truth.

We know God’s Word is clear and teaches that He has a plan for you!  A powerful plan to make something beautiful out of your LIFE!  (Jeremiah 29:11). God wants to give YOUR life DIRECTION!

So, we invite you to join us on this journey as our personal guests with the hopes that you too will find your place to belong.  Whether you’ve never been to church before, or you’ve just relocated to the area, or your coming back after being away for a while - we look forward to seeing you soon at DESTINY!


Pastor Rob and Kimberly Rocca